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Darkrealms is a Bulletin Board System (BBS) in Toronto Canada. It has been online since 1994 and is one of the world's oldest and last remaining systems running the MS-DOS based Renegade software... on the same configuration, same menu sets, same everything. From humble beginnings on a Tandy 1000 to multi-line glory days on an OS/2 486; it continues to remain online... now on a modern server system. Darkrealms is also one of the very few systems left in the world that still has a dialup modem line. Darkrealms belongs to Fidonet and other FTN's, having functioned as a major Hub system for many years now.

Once upon a time in the 90's, the system was a notorious "free for all"; growing from word-of-mouth to mention in local newspapers. Its dialup lines were constantly busy with people calling for their daily fix of gaming, chat rooms and message exchange. Friendships, relationships and even a divorce were regular going-ons in the message forums. It was one of the first in the area which offered (at the time) blazing fast 28.8kbps downloads and one of the first to offer Internet Email access via UUCP relay. Many users purchased computers with modems for the sole purpose of calling into Darkrealms and other boards in the area. When the Internet took off, the BBS scene died but was not forgotten. The "stubborn ones" chose to keep running these systems, adapting to change.

To experience Darkrealms for yourself, you can simply click the "BBS" link above, or telnet to bbs.darkrealms.ca, or dial +1-647-847-2083 with your modem. If you are using a Telnet client, you need to make sure it supports at least 80x24 resolution and sends carriage-return only (CR), *not* carriage-return and line feeds (LF). It is recommended that you have a color terminal supporting Ansi graphics.

Access is free of charge and you are entitled to a generous 3 hours a day of online time. Darkrealms has file downloads, message forums, and online games such as Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD), Tradewars and Usurper. In addition, it has a private Email system, real-time chat rooms (teleconferencing) and handles/aliases are allowed.

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